Why Innovae3D ?

Innovae3D has state-of-art Additive Manufacturing infrastructure with an experienced team to run it efficiently. We support our customers through innovative and best-in-class Additive Manufacturing solutions, consultations and training.

Our in-depth understanding of laser fusion, metallurgy, thermal and mechanical behaviour of printed parts, and application of DFAM principles helps us to design and print high quality parts in a repeatable manner.

Innovae3D offers complete AM solutions for design, development, analysis, printing and post processing.

Our AM Eco-System

What is AM ?

Metal Additive Manufacturing (also referred to as 3D printing) builds components layer by layer using materials which are available in fine powder form. It is a revolutionary technology that produces 99.5% dense parts directly from 3D CAD data.


AM applications

AM has expanded its applications from prototyping to direct part manufacturing in diverse sectors such as automotive, aerospace, tooling, medical, dental, furniture and jewellery. Additionally, new and innovative applications are constantly being developed.


How AM benefits you

AM offers the possibility to produce complex parts without design constraints of traditional manufacturing processes. It offers unrivalled design freedom with the ability to manufacture wide range of materials.


Online manufacturing

Upload your file, get an instant quote and start production in less than 5 minutes !

Upload your design

Upload your CAD file in .STP / .IGES / .SLI formats

Specify your requirements

Mention the part requirements such as material, surface finish, stock requirements, quantity, etc

Receive quality parts

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